Our Vision

An independent quasi-judicial institution, composed of public servants of competence, integrity and responsibility that affords its stakeholders equal access to legal process geared towards just, speedy impartial, transparent and inexpensive resolution of dispute involving Housing and Real Estate Development and transactions, Land Use, and Homeowners Associations.

Our Mission

The HSAC is vested with exclusive and original jurisdiction to hear and decide cases involving subdivisions, condominiums, memorial parks and similar real estate developments and transactions, howowners associations, the implementation of the balanced housing development provision of RA 7279 as amended, and laws and regulations being implemented by the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development; and appellate jurisdiction over decisions of local zoning bodies.

The HSAC is also vested with the power to promulgate rules for the conduct of proceedings.

We value Commitment
Our Service Pledge

HSAC is committed to attend to all applicants or requesting parties who are in need of our services during official working hours.