It is with deepest sorrow and heartfelt regret that we announce the passing of Hon. ROMULO Q. FABUL, on June 3rd 2020 in Quezon City. He was 72.  Commissioner Fabul (“Butch,” as he was fondly called) was the longest-serving Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer of the former Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board for more than two decades (from 1988 to 2010). Having served as HLURB CEO for the longest time, Commissioner Butch was an institution at and virtually known as “Mr. HLURB,” very popular and well-loved by all his co-workers in government. He was a kind and gentle soul, compassionate, a humble and mild-mannered government leader, a good friend and father-figure.

From the HLURB “Monitor” 35th Anniversary Issue, May 2011:

“Commissioner ROMULO QUIRINO M. FABUL holds the distinction of having served the longest tenure as Commissioner of HLURB – four terms that spanned a good 22 years (July 1, 1988 to November 15, 2010), 14 of them as Chief Executive Officer, until he was appointed Senior Vice President of the Home Guaranty Corporation.  It was virtually cutting an umbilical cord, so to speak.  He joined HLURB (then HSRC) in 1977 as a legal assistant, and eventually became Director for the Office for Appeals, Adjudication and Legal Affairs, a post which he held until his appointment as commissioner. 

‘He took over the helm as CEO in 1996.  He prides in having served and survived five presidents and worked under eight HUDCC Chairs, two of them Vice Presidents of the Republic, no less. 

‘He was with HSRC/HLURB for 33 years and recalls every detail of its development as an agency, earning for him the monicker ‘the institutional memory’ of HLURB, if not the entire housing sector of the government.”

Commissioner Fabul is survived by his loving and equally-accomplished wife, Leny Roco Fabul, of the well-known “ROCO” clan of Naga City; and their 3 children, Atty. Joseph, Raymond and Laurine.

Farewell and adieu, Commissioner “Butch”.