Certificate of ParticipationCertificate of Appreciation
1 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0001 Melzar P. Galicia Office of the Executive Commissioner
2 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0002 Niño Karlo O. Mejia Office of the Executive Commissioner
3 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0003 Mark Anthony L. Lazo Office of the Executive Commissioner
4 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0004 Ria Corazon A. Golez-Cabrera  Office of Comm. Ria Corazon A. Golez-Cabrera
5 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0005 Deanna D. Pena Office of Comm. Ria Corazon A. Golez-Cabrera
6 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0006 Marylin M. Pintor Office of Comm. Marylin M. Pintor
7 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0007 Fidel J. Exconde Jr. Office of Comm. Fidel J. Exconde Jr.
8 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0008 Hanica Rachael Arshia J. Ong Office of the Executive Clerk
9 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0009 Jerros S. Dolino Office of the Executive Clerk
10 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0010 Arthur P. Armea Office of the Executive Clerk
11 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0011 Raul J. Quitania Office of the Executive Clerk
12 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0012 Roselle P. Ignacio Office of the Executive Clerk
13 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0013 Eden Dannah H. Bartolini Office of the Executive Clerk
14 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0014 Reynaldo M. De Leon Office of the Executive Clerk
15 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0015 Reuben U. Zabala Legal Service 
16 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0016 Lorelei B. Mina Legal Service 
17 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0017 Charito B. Lansang Administrative Service
19 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0019 Edgardo L. Samson RAB NCR
20 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0020 Maria Perpetua Y. Aquino-Arroyo RAB NCR
21 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0021 Marife C. Doblada-San Pedro RAB NCR
22 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0022 Joel M. Clamor RAB NCR
23 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0023 Rowena C. Balasolla RAB NCR
24 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0024 Michelle Jan B. Babiano-Ligsay RAB NCR
25 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0025 Mary Ann C. Legarto RAB NCR
26 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0026 Ina Carme T. Rugay RAB NCR
27 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0027 Ligaya G. Liclican-Haban RAB CAR
28 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0028 Pher Gedd B. De Vera RAB Nos. I & II
29 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0029 Donn C. Tamayo RAB No. III
30 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0030 Joselito F. Melchor RAB No. IV-A
31 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0031 Edhel P. Bautista-Luminate RAB No. IV-B
32 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0032 Maria Victoria B. Añonuevo-Llanera RAB No. V
33 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0033 Myrna C. Cabardo RAB No. VI
34 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0034 Joe Vinson M. Empaces RAB Nos. VII & VIII
35 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0035 Rhona B. Albarece RAB Nos. IX-XIII
36 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0036 Michael P. Bajao RAB No. X
37 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0037 Nardine Aislinn Marie P. Agodon Secretariat
38 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0038 John Henry A. Cañas Secretariat
39 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0039 Timmy D. Gonzales Secretariat
40 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0040 Venus R. Padao Secretariat
41 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0041 Keziah V. Baldomaro-Medrano Secretariat
1 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0042 Maria Luisa G. Pangan DHSUD – Planning Service
2 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0043 Ma. Lorina J. Rigor DHSUD – Homeowners Association and Community Development Bureau
3 HSAC-LEGALCON2020-06042020-0044 Angelito F. Aguila DHSUD – Housing and Real Estate Development Regulation Bureau