Legal staff from the Offices of the Commissioners and the Office of the Executive Clerk of the Commission (OECC) attended an orientation on office workflow and the standard form for all HSAC issuances on Friday, 16 June 2023.

The refresher course was held to increase the productivity and efficiency of the staff and promote uniformity in preparing all issuances and notices from the Commission, ensuring that they reflect the prestige and stature of the agency.

The discussion focused on office workflow, enforcement of judgment, and practical tips on writing and style, with Atty. Lorah Marie Nhel M. Alfiler, Atty. Lorelei P. Bola- Mina, and Atty. Michael Vincent S. Gaddi serving as resource speakers.

The HSAC continues to invest in the professional development of its staff, recognizing that a skilled and knowledgeable workforce is essential to achieving organizational goals.

Attendees and resource speakers pose for a photo with Commissioner Michael P. Cloribel.

Commissioner John-Christopher T. Mahamud delivers his message at the HSAC Session Hall.

Commissioner Michael P. Cloribel gives his speech during the orientation.

OIC-Executive Clerk Atty. Michael Vincent S. Gaddi gives practical tips on writing and style.

Enforcement Division Head Atty. Lorelei P. Bola-Mina gives her talk on enforcement of judgment.

Attorney IV Lorah Marie Nhel M. Alfiler delivers her talk on office workflow.

The program host lends her microphone to a participant.