The Human Settlements Adjudication Commission held a two-day convention for its Central Office and Regional Adjudication Branch personnel at the DHSUD/HSAC auditorium located in Quezon City, last April 21-22, 2022.

The theme of the event “Breakthrough to Excellence by Creating Connections and Building Bridges Together“, aimed to acquaint all HSAC personnel from the Central Office and Regional Adjudication Branches with the functions of their respective services and divisions, with the intent to build stronger connections with each other and ultimately act coherently for the fulfillment of HSAC’s mandate. It was also a celebration of the milestones the Commission has achieved such as the recent appointments of the last two Commissioners who completed the ranks of the Commission en banc as well as the appointments of the Adjudicators who are key officers in the regions.

Commissioner Fidel J. Exconde opened the program and welcomed everyone and introduced the new Commissioners, namely, Commissioner John-Christopher Mahamud and Commissioner Michael Cloribel.

A message from Executive Commissioner Melzar Galicia followed, with a call to serve with integrity and honesty and a caveat that corruption has no place in the agency.

Galicia also gave encouraging words like a father who reminded everyone to treat co-employees in HSAC as family. In his message, Galicia said “It is my desire that there be peace, joy, happiness and harmony in the office”. He added, “in our quest for excellence, we must not forget that we are many kinds of people fit together and are being built into something with great potential for service for others.”

The first day highlighted the Commissioners and Regional Adjudication Branches showcasing their offices and employees as well as the achievements for the past years. The second day was filled with games and surprises as the Central Office took the stage and was given an opportunity to introduce their staff and explain its processes and functions for the better understanding of everyone.

In closing, Commissioner Sergio Yap congratulated and thanked everyone for the hard work despite all the challenges faced. Yap added that HSAC has come a long way since its reconstitution and urged everyone to continue doing their best for the benefit of the Commission and to heed the call of the Executive Commissioner.

The event was organized by both Administrative Service and Office of the Executive Clerk following the easing of IATF restrictions to alert level 1.


Executive Commissioner Melzar P. Galicia delivers his inspirational message to all HSAC personnel in attendance.
HSAC Commissioners and Chief Regional Adjudicators with the Executive Clerk of the Commission gathered for the first-time post Covid-19 Lockdown.


The five Commissioners namely: Atty. Sergio E. Yap II, Atty. Fidel J. Exconde, Atty. Melzar P. Galicia, Atty. John-Christopher Mahamud, Atty. Michael Cloribel with Executive Clerk of the Commission Atty. Hanica Rachael Arshia Ong.



Personnel from HSAC Central Office and Regional Adjudication Branches were treated with fun and games during the Convention.