The Human Settlements Adjudication Commission (HSAC) held its first Legal Forum on 2-5 August 2023 at Seda Vertis North, Quezon City.  

Themed “Enhancing the Adjudication Process of HSAC towards Just and Speedy Resolution of Disputes,” the three-day Legal Forum was attended by the honorable Commission en banc, composed of Executive Commissioner Melzar P. Galicia, Commissioner Fidel J. Exconde, Jr., Commissioner Sergio E. Yap II, Commissioner John-Christopher T. Mahamud, and Commissioner Michael P. Cloribel, and the dedicated Adjudicators, lawyers, and other legal personnel of the various Regional Adjudication Branches (RABs) and the Central Office of the HSAC to discuss the rules, policies, and jurisprudence relevant to the agency’s adjudication process. 

Atty. Reuben U. Zabala, the chairperson of the Technical Working Group for the Review of the HSAC Rules of Procedure, tackled the salient provisions of the proposed HSAC Revised Rules of Procedure during the forum to elicit additional insights and comments from the RABs. 

Meanwhile, to keep the Adjudicators and drafters abreast of jurisprudential developments relative to disputes and controversies cognizable by the HSAC, Atty. Lorelei P. Bola-Mina, the Officer-in-Charge of the Legal Service, shared updates on the recent Supreme Court decisions in real estate management and homeowners associations cases.  

Atty. Michael Vincent S. Gaddi, the Officer-in-Charge of the Office of the Executive Clerk of the Commission, also conducted a workshop that encouraged the participants to engage in meaningful discourse about significant legal issues affecting the hearing and disposition of cases before the RABs and the Commission. 

The HSAC RAB-National Capital Region, led by Chief Regional Adjudicator Edgardo L. Samson, gave an orientation to the participants, especially the newly appointed Adjudicators and lawyers of the RABs, on mandatory conference, including mediation, as an integral part of the adjudication process where parties may be assisted in resolving their disputes without litigation. 

To provide an avenue to address key issues and concerns relating to the agency’s pursuit of its mandates, a session was allotted for an Open Forum with the distinguished Commissioners. The event also featured a Fellowship Night meant to instill camaraderie and solidarity among the participants. 

Before concluding the 2023 HSAC Legal Forum, the participants signed the commitment wall as a symbol of support to HSAC’s goal of enhancing its adjudication process towards just and speedy resolution of disputes. 




The Commissioners, Directors, Chief Regional Adjudicators, Assistant Regional Adjudicators, lawyers and legal personnel from the Regional Adjudication Branches and the Central Office participate in the 2023 HSAC Legal Forum.