The implementation of a Case Management System in Regional Adjudication Branch NCR solves the perennial problem of delays in the adjudication cases. Among the features of this system are the digital filing and repository of cases filed with the Regional Adjudication Branch, as well as a monitoring tool to ensure timely disposition of cases.

Due to the on-going pandemic, government offices adopted a work-from-home arrangement and access to case records have been difficult. With the CMS in place, Regional Adjudicators could work on voluminous case records even if they are not in the office.

Atty. Edgardo L. Samson, Chief Regional Adjudicator of Regional Adjudication Branch NCR noted that “CMS is indeed a game changer! The heightened restriction due to the ongoing pandemic forced the RABs to assume work-from-home set-up. With the CMS in place, our adjudication process has been unhampered despite change in work arrangements. Our Regional Adjudicators and their Legal Assistants could work remotely with the aid of this digital transformation device. Most importantly, the CMS helps us in ensuring expedient resolution of cases through its reminders and organization tools”.

Even the Commission on Audit in its Exit Conference Report for 2021 commended the RAB NCR on its use of the Case Management System.

Supervising Commissioner Fidel J. Exconde, Jr. conceptualized and implemented the Case Management System in Human Settlements Adjudication Commission RAB NCR. Truly, the use of technology in our legal processes ensure the accurate, expedient and efficient delivery of public service.